guaranteed in all Levels

We continuously strive to firmly implant the quality assurance into all stages of development and production as well as into delivery and customer service. In order to ensure this, the upstream companies and suppliers are already involved. Our goal is to plan quality and to manufacture in a manner which achieves the highest possible customer satisfaction.

In particular, the quality of our turkey poults is distinguished by the realisation of the 5 x D principle. This means:

Breeding in German breeder farms
Hatching in a German hatchery
Growing in German farms
Feed from German feed mills
Slaughtering in German slaughterhouses

The reliable selection of our suppliers is an essential part of our quality policy.

Furthermore, long-term supply agreements with our German breeding farms ensure a stable, manageable and consistently high quality of the hatching eggs. As a result, we are in the exclusive position of being able to supply poults of German origin.

According to the regulation EC No. 2160/2003, which has been effective since 1/1/2010 for breeding and commercial turkeys, we have further intensified the monitoring of our inspections and hygiene. Therefore, we can guarantee the supply of salmonella-free turkey poults to our customers.

The turkey hatchery has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 since December 2000.