The development

of a high-performance Family Business

Based on know-how acquired in the USA, we started our pioneer work in this country in 1973 in the region of Southern Germany.

Ultimately, in the year 1980, the first breeding establishment developed in Baden-Württemberg – the establishment of others followed successively. Meanwhile, today four breeding farms in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria are producing for our hatchery.

We established it in December of 1990 so that the first hatched poults were able to be delivered as early as July of 1991.

We increased the capacity of approx. 1m poults per annum, which was achieved at that time, to 1.8m poults per annum in 1992 due to the great demand, which was increased to 3m poults per annum as of 1999.

We supply our turkey poults to commercial turkey farms throughout Germany and Europe.